Project Plan And Risk Matrix

Assignment Content

  1. Your next steps as IT manager developing a business plan for the new HWE Accessories website are creating a project plan and a risk matrix.

    Use Microsoft® Excel® to create a project plan that includes:

    • 10 to 15 tasks
    • At least 3 subtasks for each task
    • An explanation of the project plan and the reasoning behind it
    • Based on the project plan you developed, create a risk matrix using Microsoft® Excel® for the new website that includes:
    • Determination of impact and probability of occurrence
    • An explanation of the risk matrix and the reasoning behind it from a management perspective
    • Submit your project plan and risk matrix.

Police patrolling strategy

Explain a police patrolling strategy and analyze the scholarly literature and report the findings?

Must Be 500 words with 2 citations

Career Development Plan For Financial Adviser In A Bank In Canada (Alberta Or British Colombia)


  1. Individual Project: Career Development Plan for financial adviser in a bank in Canada (Alberta or British Colombia)

Prepare your own five-year career development plan about ‘What do you intend to do professionally in the next 5 years (1st year, 2nd year, 3rd year, 4th & 5th year)’?  Your plan must be presented in time-line format (This can be done using MS Project and multiple other software). Your plan will also be assessed on the basis of how creative your time-line is. Simple timelines (a simple table of one made using word) will be marked down. Be very specific with your timeline, provide dates for when you will achieve different things mentioned in your timeline. For instance, if you mention in your timeline you will attempt an exam provide a DATE of when you will attempt that exam. Also include the COSTS associated with completing different activities. Your career plan must address and consider the following items:


  1. What are your career objectives? What position, field or industry do you want to work in/for? (To be answered in introductory paragraph – Max 1 page)


  • Which province in Canada and why? (This needs to be supported with job market analysis such as employment options, field attractiveness- current job openings within your field, income potential/salary rates across different provinces– I want to see a lot of statistics in here – Don’t make this section descriptive – use graphs, pie-charts, salary benchmarking tables from federal and provincial reliable sources)


  1. If you in intend to work for an organization, what are the possible promotional opportunities for career growth and what senior level position do you wish to obtain? How long will it take for you to obtain your next promotion within your field? What certificate will be needed for promotion? how many years of experience will be required for the promotion? (again, maximum one page in writing and also included these promotions in your time-line)


  1. An inventory of your current skills, abilities, training, and education and the required qualifications for your desired position? (Strictly use a table to outline your current education as well as all job-specific skills, certificates etc., that you have. Only mention the certificates/degrees acceptable in Canada)


  1. From your time- line Identify three action steps that are crucial to achieving your stated career development plan. These steps are usually those without which your plan cannot proceed. (Put a heading action steps and describe them in short paragraphs- 3-4 lines maximum)


  1. Identify potential barriers that might prevent you from reaching your stated career goals and objectives. (In bullet points – make sure they are all realistic and applicable to you. Just imagine what problems would you face while starting your professional career in Canada)


Assessment Criteria:

  • ANALYSIS – You will be marked based on how accurate your figures/Data are, thoroughness of your analysis and how well prepared you are to start your professional career in Canada. How creative/unique and detailed your time line is. How well do you know entry requirements for your specific field and what are you doing right now or will be doing shortly to meet them. How realistic your plan is in terms of the problems that you will face and what will you do to resolve those problems.


  • PAPER REQUIREMENTS – Whether students have fully understood the paper requirements. If all requirements are satisfactorily met/fulfilled. Whether or not all questions have been answered.


  • QUALITY AND VARIETY OF SOURCES– For this information to be robust you have to use at least 15 references – Google, Wikipedia will not be considered as authentic sources you will be marked down for using them. You can use company websites, Governmental & provincial websites of Canada, Job Market analysis taken from statista and other reliable sources, entry requirements for your profession from provincial bodies etc.,



  • FORMATTING -You must include title page and list of references for this Project. APA style of formatting, referencing tables, font style, line spacing etc., must be used
  • Provide all your sources of information that you have used to gather the numbers/figures along with hyperlinks that instructor can access in the list of references. NUMBER the references in your list.


Technology Integration In Secondary Education

I will need a brief peer review articles essay on teacher technology. The essay must include what is described in the outline attached with at least 7-10 peer review articles from the past 3 years. I will need at least 4 paragraphs for each section.

Data Base Security

Write an essay of at least 500 words discussing IAM in a federated cloud application. 

Do not copy without providing proper attribution. This paper will be evaluated through SafeAssign.

Write an essay format, Use the five-paragraph format. Each paragraph must have at least five sentences. Include 3 quotes with quotation marks and cited in-line and in a list of references. Include an interesting meaningful title.

Include at least one quote from each of 3 different articles.

Use the Research Databases available from the Danforth Library, not Google.

Place the words you copied (do not alter or paraphrase the words) in quotation marks and cite in-line (as all work copied from another should be handled). The quotes should be full sentences (no more, less) and should be incorporated in your discussion (they do not replace your discussion) to illustrate or emphasize your ideas.


 Please respond substantively to the following (3–4 paragraphs):

  • Distinguish between a feasibility study and a cost-benefit analysis.
  • Explain why both of these preliminary evaluations must tie to the organizational strategic plan.
  • Summarize the cost-benefit analysis for your hypothetical e-commerce company.

Comprehensive Project Plan And Executive Presentation

Part 1: Comprehensive Project Plan

You will create an 8–10-page final comprehensive project plan. This document will distill down the most salient points from each of the four previous course deliverables into one integrated, cohesive comprehensive project plan that persuades investors of the recommended approach.

Critical Note: Do NOT simply combine the previous four assignments into one 30–50-page document. Instead, your task is to:

  • Review each of the four previous assignments.
  • Select the most critical information from each that investors need to know to make an informed investment decision.
  • Summarize the information you selected.
  • Ensure that the selected information flows from one section to the next in a cohesive and compelling fashion.
Part 2: Executive Presentation

You will create a 10–15-slide compelling executive presentation that convinces the start-up company’s executive team and potential investors to invest in the company. Your recommended solution is the one that can grow this $5 million dollar e-commerce start-up company into a $30 million dollar company within the next two years.

Attached is the previous 4 assignment for your reference

Describe Issues Related To Globalization, Power, Influence, And Followership.

1. Describe issues related to globalization, power, influence, and followership.

2. Describe cultural differences and perspectives of leadership and change.

3. Analyze how to leverage technology, lead through followership, and manage a knowledgeable organizational environment.

4. Analyze the types of power and related power and influence outcomes.

5. Evaluate leaders using empowerment rather than control strategies to achieve transformational influence over their followers and foster “ownership”.

6. Analyze leadership strategies in creating a culture of adaptive change and transition planning.

7. Evaluate leadership relevancy, credibility, integrity, current knowledge and communication skills in building relationships.

8. Evaluate the relevancy today of the IOM report “To Err is Human” for error types and the four-tiered approach recommended for improvement.

Payroll Taxes And The Basics Of Washington State Taxes.

Over the course of this quarter you’ve learned about payroll taxes and the basics of Washington state taxes. I’d like you to summarize what you’ve learned in the context of an actual business.

Choose a retail business located in Washington with which you are familiar, either as an employee, a customer, or an owner. You don’t need to know the financial details of this business to complete this assignment – you just need to be familiar enough with the business to answer the questions below. The business must have employees. Then write a report in

Microsoft Word that includes the following:
1. The name of the business and its full address, including city (it must be physically located in Washington).

2. The products or services the business sells or provides, and whether or not these products or services are subject to Washington state sales tax. Be specific enough to include both taxable and nontaxable products and services, but details about individual items aren’t necessary. For example, a grocery store sells food (nontaxable), toiletry products (taxable), etc.

3. Describe the payroll taxes the business must pay. Do you think the business is a daily, semi-weekly, or monthly depositor? Why?

4. Describe the purpose of a Washington state reseller permit (this information is in your assigned readings). Do you think the business has a reseller permit? Why or why not?

5. In your own words, summarize Washington State Business & Occupation taxes. Which tax classification do you think the business uses when calculating its B & O taxes?

6. When are B & O taxes due, and how are they reported to Washington state?

To receive full points on this assignment, your report should demonstrate you put thought into your answers, included supporting detail and correct information. This can be done in about 500 words. If you find yourself thinking “I don’t know” to any of the questions, you don’t know the business well enough to draw an informed conclusion about its taxes. Choose another. Stores you frequent as a customer are a good choice.