A Canadian HRM Policy To Develop

Assignment Guidelines


Draw up One Canadian HRM Policy On Any Topic For Incorporation Into The Company’s Employee Handbook.



Step 1: Select A Canadian HRM Policy to Develop


Topic – EDI – Equity Diversity and Inclusion – Diversity and Multiculturalism and Equal Opportunities


Step 2.Research the assignment topic and find relevant information.


You are writing just one of the policies that would go into such a handbook.

– Core Textbook and other Texts books on Canadian Human Resources Management, Human

Resource Development, General Management, Strategic Management and Organizational Behaviour.


Step 3.Write up the Canadian HRM Policy using the suggested format.


Substance and Style (The 2 Ss):


The HR Policy


Support your assignment with a minimum of 5 references using the APA style. Remember it’s a business document targeted at employees rather than an academic document.


Substance of Assignment:


This is not rigid, but the policy should be written as it would appear in a Staff Handbook and should include the following:


Canadian HRM Policy: Suggested Template & Structure:

A possible template for the model Canadian HRM policy could be as follows: (but not rigid).

  1. Table of Contents
  2. Purpose
  3. Scope
  4. Employment Legislation Prerequisites and Requirements
  5. Eligibility and Exceptions
  6. Content and Steps and Flow Chart
  7. Administration
  8. Designated Contact Persons and Champion of Policy
  9. References
  10. Supporting Documentation and Appendices


Please note that this format / heading does not have to be followed provided the information is included. The marking is for the provision of the relevant information, regardless of where it appears in the document or under whatever heading.


References/Bibliography Support your assignment with a minimum of four references per part using the APA style. Style of Assignment and Format: Word Count: This Part A of the assignment should be approx. be between a minimum of 2,000 words and a maximum of 3,000 words for the Word Document (HR policy) . This excludes any footnotes, references, bibliography or appendices. The word count should be indicated on the pro-forma cover page.


Style and Format:


The assignment should be presented in word processed format adhering to the following guidelines:

– Report style formal structure.

– Word only format, not PDF

– Clear paragraphing with headings and sub-headings.

– Use of plenty of white space, breaking up the text with visual aids, diagrams, graphs, etc. If too

bulky, put in Appendix.

– Double line spacing

– Numbered paragraphs 1.2 1.3 2.1 2.2 etc.

– Times New Roman 12

– Pages Numbered

– Table of Contents at front

– Consistent Style of APA Citation Referencing. –

– Minimum of 5 references.

– Proof Read and Spell Checked

– Contain completed Cover Sheet and signed Academic Integrity Declaration Form (at end of this

document) which includes the Assignment Title, Student Number, Year, Course Part & Program,

Turnitin Similarity Score, Word Count and signed Declaration, which verifies that you have

acknowledged all references, the work is yours and that you have not plagiarized

General Guidelines on Assignment Writing: Successful assignment and report writing is a skill which

must be developed over time and with practice. It should include the following:

– Drawing up a detailed plan for the assignment. ‘Mind Maps’ may be useful.

– Using plenty of headings and subheadings.

– Ample use of paragraphs. Each paragraph should contain a distinct thought or idea.

– Fully researching the topic (see above)

– Write a number of drafts before finalizing the assignment for submission.

– Allowing a draft to ‘breathe’ by taking some time out before revisiting the draft again and again

before finalizing for submission. Set a ‘false deadline’ a few days before the final official submission

date deadline.

– Assignments written in a rushed manner or at the last minute will show! So, avoid the ‘Last

Minute Dot Com” approach