“A Rose for Emily” William Faulkner – Elements

“A Rose for Emily” William Faulkner


Plot (give a plot summary)

Character(s) (list all characters)

  • Protagonist:
  • Antagonist:

Setting (fill in)

  • Place?
  • Year?

Point of view (fill in the blank)

  • ___ person

Style, Tone, & Language (give example of each)

  • Flash-back –
  • Foreshadowing –


Theme (explain each)

  • Change and refusal to accept change
  • Isolation – physical and emotional
  • Memory and the past
  • Reality
  • Compassion and forgiveness


Symbolism & Imagery (explain each)

  • The house = ?
  • Pocket watch, stationary, and hair = ?
  • Lime and arsenic = ?
  • Death and taxes = ?


Questions (answer each)

  • What happens when human beings become isolated by their families, by their community, by tradition, by law, by the past, and by their own actions and choices?


  • Do you think the story’s structure is meant to mimic the way that memories are passed on from one generation to the next?


  • Does the novel say anything about the American dream? What might the American dream look like to some of the different characters?