Airbnb: Home Sharing in China




Please read the case: Airbnb: Home Sharing in China


  1. Discuss with your group member on which scenario for your position (Decision, Evaluation or Problem-Diagnosis). Make certain to state your position with evidence cited from the case. Due date: 4/27
  • Complete the ‘Study Guide for Decision Scenario?/ Evaluation Scenario?/Problem Diagnosis? Scenario Cases’individually please choose one study guide—more detail please check PPT:CH-1~3)
  • For the study guide:(important)

Please give a reason why you think it is a Decision Scenario? or Evaluation Scenario? Or Problem Diagnosis? Please indicate which sentences or paragraph in the case are used as evidence)


  1. Complete an essay according to the study guide—Due on Sunday 5/2


  • Please see the sample I attached, it is the format required by the professor
  • Please follow the study guide steps to complete the essay
  • Please check the book – part III “writing about cases” from pg.113