AMS 3316 Interpersonal Communication

AMS 3316 Interpersonal Communication




There are 10 questions. If a question asks for you to give an example or an illustration of a concept, use YOUR OWN example, NOT the example used in the book.  DO NOT SHARE WORK OR SHARE ANSWERS.




  1. Explain briefly and in your own words, the features of interpersonal communication. Discuss 3 of the key terms in the definition and how you have seen them at work in your own interpersonal communications.


  1. Describe the four kinds of noise and give examples of each kind of noise; YOUR OWN EXAMPLES, not those in the book. Explain how these forms of noise can impact/interrupt our communication interactions.


  1. Discuss the influence of Particular Others and the Generalized Other in creating individuals’ senses of identity. Explain how these 2 sources influence our interpersonal communications.  Incorporate YOUR OWN concrete examples into your response.


  1. Explain the obstacles to communicating emotions effectively, in your own words, and give a personal example of each. In other words give an example of how each obstacle could/would apply or how you have seen those obstacles play out in “real” life.


  1. Conflict: What components of managing conflict (specifically) that we discussed in this class do you want to take with you from the class and carry into your life and relationships?  Explain and describe how you personally might do this as you go forward.


  1. Climate: What type of climate do YOU set for people in your life? How so? What aspects of the tone/climate that you set would you change if you could? Do you set the same “climate” in all areas of your life or are there different climates for various parts of your life? Explain.


  1. Listening: Why is it important? How do we screw it up? How can we correct it and get good at it?? Use concepts we have discussed in this class.


  1. Your book discusses equality and the perception of equality in relationships in a few different places/chapters regarding relationships. Describe how you see this concept and how you see its’ effect on relationships, the satisfaction in relationships, etc.  Give examples when and where possible.



  1. What do you consider the most important/beneficial/helpful thing that you learned in this class this semester? Explain why you think it is helpful/beneficial or important.  How do you see what you have learned assisting you in the future?  Do not just regurgitate your discussion question, which was similar to this. It is the end of the semester and we have talked about a lot of things, so think!


  1. Find the lyrics to a song that you think alludes to, gives examples of or highlights concepts we have discussed in the class regarding ourselves, interpersonal communication, relationships, building relationships, the breaking down of relationships, etc. (Can’t use John Mayer, Say What You Need to Say). Google them or whatever and paste them, along with the artist name and song title into your paper.  Then, tie some concepts that we have discussed in class and that are in our book to this song.  Discuss how you see the lyrics and concepts relate to each other.  Don’t make this too hard; it’s an interesting way of looking at things – you can do it.