Analytics For Expenditure

I have an auditing project that I have to complete. It is about analytics for expenditure. I attached you all the files that you needed to complete this project. The file name: Project 3 requirement will tell you the details of what you have to do for this project. There are 3 management assertions, but you only have to work on 1 assertion, which is Valuation or Allocation. The file name: Analytics_ReportOutline.docx will show you the outline for this project. Please let me know if you have any questions.

When you finished this project, please also give me an excel or Access, or Tableau file that you use to complete this project, it depends on the software that you decided to use.

1)  Please fill out the information in the format outline that I sent the file to you

2)  There are 2 audit objectives that you have to test which is Inventory and Accounts payable

3)  Please add the screenshot of the test results you performed