Analyze how ARRA and the HITECH Act promote and regulate the use of HIT

Analyze how ARRA and the HITECH Act promote and regulate the use of HIT

Assess the benefits that widespread HIT may bring to the health care system

Evaluate legal and ethical issues associated with the planning
and delivery of health care services

All assignments must target the content application while using two variables: the job choice and the case assigned by the faulty

Develop stakeholders’ (the ones you identified in assignment 4) communication plan outline (no more than 500 words) in the form of a Memo.

-Propose the main and alternative communication channels; Be specific and practical.

-Provide a policy (list the full name) besides HIPAA that might set restrictions or specific requirements for the communication channels chosen and engagement with the stakeholders; make sure to remember the policies affecting digital and non-digital technological channels.

-Propose subordination communication points for at least one linked or affiliated stakeholder(for example, the Administrative Officer to the Attorney General and vice versa or the Communication Coordinator to the news program and news program director);

-List two ethical considerations influencing the communication with this stakeholder. Be specific and applicable to this health care delivery managerial issues. Do not include privacy as it is not a good choice as it is mandated and regulated.

Cite and reference the resources as appropriate. Follow the appropriate Memo format and English grammar rules.


  1. The communication plan is for you and your stakeholders. Make sure to pick the appropriate channels.
  2. Review and understand what the policies/acts/regulations you use are talking about. Do not rely on superficial or common sense knowledge. Seek primary sources.
  3. Make sure to remember that privacy and security are regulated in health information cases. Do not use them in the ethical issue discussion.


Selected Role: Legal Policy Consultant

Stakeholder: Insurance Companies

Insurance Company: Health Care Service Corporation. The company offers health and life insurance products and services through its operating divisions and subsidiaries.

Health Care Service Corporation Link:

Case Study: Four Stages of Planning and Implementation to fight Covid 19 at a Rural Hospital

An organization will hire a health legal consultant to provide critical expert analysis about a specific project or issue that is essential (Cello 2021). A health care consultant will often provide reasonable opinions and recommendations about a vital issue. Such an issue could be recommendations about the insurance cover to buy or the best insurance company to seek based on expert analysis.




Stakeholder Brief: Two HC Compliance Managerial Issues



·         The stakeholder selected in this case is Health Care Service Corporation which is an insurance company. The organization may affect the management of the organization in terms of fees paid for health care services.

·         The health care organization may negotiate lower costs with the administration.

·         The health insurance organization represents patients, workers, and people in general against health-related risks. The organization’s mission is to do everything in its power to stand with members in sickness and in health. Members can benefit from reduced prices of health care and faster health care service.

Stakeholder organization perspective from the position of interest and power.


·         The organization’s primary purpose is to provide health and life insurance products and services to its members (Dey 2019).

·         The insurance company ensures high-quality and affordable health care to members by negotiating affordable prices and providing high-quality health care from clinicians and hospitals through quality ratings.

Identify an organization (an affiliated stakeholder) that each stakeholder partners with OR an organization that opposes the stakeholder.




·         One organization that every stakeholder partner with or seeks to partner with is Medicare. It is a government organization that offers health care insurance to people who are aged 65 or more.

·         The organization’s purpose is to ensure that older people aged 65 or more have access to affordable and quality health care. Like the Health Care Service Corporation, the objective is to ensure that health care is accessible and affordable to the relevant patients.


Is the direct stakeholder active at the time of the incident? If not, when, and how will it be involved in the management efforts of the emergency.




·         Health Care Service Corporation has made sure to contribute during the Covid 19 pandemic.

·          The organization, through its website, has provided important information about how to be safe and secure from infection. More importantly,

·         The organization provided financial waivers to help with the costs of seeking medication against the disease.