Anne Frank Article-Article questions

Please read the attached article and respond to the questions below using compete sentences and evidence from the text:

  1.  What did you notice about this article?
  2. What did you learn that you didn’t know before after reading this article?
  3. Should refugees from war-torn countries be allowed to migrate to America?  Make a claim and back it up with two reasons to support your claim.
  4. What is the author’s purpose in writing this article?
  5. How are Anne Frank and the Syrian girl/refugee similar?
  6. Why did the author include paragraph 5 in the article?
  7. Based on paragraph 6, why did the Frank family think they could move to America?
  8. In paragraph 10, what does the word “imperiled” mean?
  9. In paragraph 11, what are the context clues that help explain the word “xenophobia”?
  10. How does the author’s word choices in paragraph 12 affect the tone? Be sure to provide some examples to explain your ideas.

Extended Response:

Write an objective summary of this article.  Be sure to include the authors key points from the beginning, middle and end of the article.