Artistic media,

This journal is a little different. We have now studied several different artistic media, so we’ll combine it all together.

What I’d like each of you to do is look through ECU’s “Love” show – up online at this link:

Then we will do some curatorial work – meaning, evaluating the show and an individual work within it for a series of class awards we give out.

In your journal entry please choose one work and come up with an award for it. We’ll share the most thoughtful awards with the artists. Here is what you award submission should include:

1. Title of the award. (examples: “Best Drawing Award”, “Most Innovative Use of Linear Perspective”, “Form and Content” award, or make up your own.)

2. Title of piece and name of artist you are choosing for the award

3. Explain in about a sentence what the award means (artists may not all know what linear perspective is, for example)

4. Explain in about a sentence why the piece you chose has, in your mind, earned the award. What about it stands out and why? You can think of this as a visual analysis as well. Consider that the artist will learn something new from your interpretation of the work, so this is your chance to share knowledge from the class with them. Many of these artists have not taken the Art in Life course.

This is a 200 words assignment only .Please write in 1 or 2 paragraph maximum.