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3 paragraph short responds

Forensic biology is a scientific method of examining, testing, and probing evidence from a crime scene investigation. When you review the history of forensics, you see that there are varying timelines. The history, as compiled by the American College of Forensic Examiners, began as early as the 4,000 BC. The modern association of forensic biology […]

4 page essay

A university in the Washington, DC area would like to offer a high-tech crime class for the next school year and would like to contract your team to provide a course design for its implementation. Explain to the university (in a whitepaper) the characteristics of high-tech crime also known as Internet, cyber, and computer crime. Explain […]


  In September 2010, Rutgers University student Tyler Clementi committed suicide by jumping off the George Washington Bridge. The suicide occurred after the 18-year-old discovered that his intimate encounter with another man in his dorm room was broadcast on the Internet. The offenders, Dharun Ravi and Molly Wei, set up a webcam and live streamed […]


Class, OBRA was enacted as a result of a lack of uniformed quality and care across Nursing Homes in the United States. Review the Chapter on OBRA as well as information from the University Library and answer the following in one concise post: *List and explain in detail 2 (two)  specific benefits which resulted from […]

Law and Public Affairs 3 to 5 pages paper

  Written Assignment Description:  Write a brief paper, approximately 3-5 pages, addressing the topic of “Tort Reform.”  A good paper will include the following: a brief definition of the concept of tort reform addressing the historical foundation a specific discussion of the positive impact of limiting tort recovery a specific discussion of the negative impact […]

Police Training in America

discuss some of the legislative actions that have impacted upon law enforcement concerning recruiting and/or hiring.  In addition, discuss the type of training environment you feel is best for real learning, as you compare and contrast the training method ideologies associated with how the Federal Bureau of Investigations trains agents versus the quasi-militarism (also called […]

Legal Studies Class

  Locate two recent legal decisions that are of interest to you in a newspaper (paper or online news source). One legal decision should be local (i.e. in the state of Indiana) and the other should be a national legal decision. Please be sure to locate an article that is at least( 4 paragraphs in […]