Basic Plant and Animal Cells and their cellular structures-Biology Unit 1 discussion

Unit 1 Homework
In your own words, describe basic plant and animal cells and their cellular structures. In your own words, compare basic plant and animal cells. How are these cells similar and different in structure and function? Include information related to the process of energy production in each. The required deliverable length for this assignment is a minimum of 250 words of meaningful content.

Unit 1 Discussion

Discussion Topic

Biologists study the similarities and differences between living things. They seek to classify organisms and understand the diversity of life and the relationships of living things to their environment. To achieve these goals, scientists use the scientific method to explore observations and answer questions. Your main post should be at least 250

For your Unit 1 Main Discussion Post, please answer the following questions:

1. Describe the biological levels of organization from the smallest unit of matter called the atom to highest level of organization, the biosphere.

2. Think of an organism such as an animal or plant, and explain how this organism fits into all of the biological levels of organization.

3. All living things are made of cells and require some form of energy to survive. Compare prokaryotic and eukaryotic organisms. Include how they are similar and/or different and explain how they acquire energy for survival.