Benefits of power and/or politics

2 full pages

no plagiarism

2 reference min

APA format

This week you learned about power and politics. This can lead to both success and conflict and has been known to lead to media coverage for some large organizations. Using what you have learned this week, peruse the media for an article that pertains to politics and/or power. This article should be no more than a month old.

Your work should include the following:

·  Summarize the article based on your understanding of the course concepts.

·  Discuss the benefits of power and/or politics in this article.

·  Discuss the drawbacks of power and/or politics in this article.

·  Recommend tools and/or techniques for improving the situation discussed in the article.

·  Your analysis should be a minimum of 3 written pages that follow APA essay format.

·  Submit your work to the assignment dropboxupon completion.