Black Lives matter

1500-2000 words.


Research question (RQ) or thesis statement 

My question for the paper is “?Why are black lives and the stigma surrounding black lives progressing slowly towards change and equality since Civil rights Movement”

  • Promises an illuminating view of a transnational social movement
  • Shows your own unique concern or point of view
  • RQ/Thesis statement is easy to find and clearly written

Body 1 

The first part of the body describes key historical, ideological, organizational and/or cultural aspects relevant to your question. This may include some of the following. (You are not required to cover all.)

HISTORICAL – Offers a brief history of the movement: just enough to provide background. (e.g. Who started MeToo? Why? When?)

IDEOLOGICAL – Explains messages and ambitions of the movement and what they mean in each place (e.g. What does MeToo mean and how is it used in each place)

ORGANIZATIONAL – Discusses key issues, ideas and organizational activities in each place (e.g. How do MeToo movements seek to end sexual harassment in each context)

CULTURAL – Explores how different cultures may shape a movement’s message, their objectives, their organization, etc

Body 2 

The second part of the body will answer your research question or make your argument in support of your thesis statement. I will consider whether:




Please include

Intro to movement in US and Europe, specifically UK

History of BLM

trends on police brutality and racial motivated acts of violence BLM in UK BLM in USA

Impacts and changes since Civil Rights Movement

Influence that BLM had/currently has

Current Outlook

Things that still need to be changed