Business Professional Development – Self and Occupational Analysis Report

BUS 300: Business Professional Development
Self and Occupational Analysis Report
Report Overview
The goal of this report is to explore and discuss potential career paths which interest you. This paper will integrate the
course assignments and coaching you have received throughout the semester. The CSUSM Library Research Guide is a
valuable tool in conducting your research.
Report Format
Although this is a highly reflective report, you will use APA style for formatting, in-text citations, and a reference page. The
paper should be double-spaced, 1” margins on all sides, and in 12-point Times New Roman or Calibri fonts. A table of
contents (not typically found in APA but found in business reports) is expected along with a title page. An abstract is not
necessary. Be sure to visit the Writing Center if you need additional writing assistance. You can find out more about APA
Writing Styles via the OWL Purdue Writing Lab. Note: This is a general paper and not a literature review or experimental
report; however, most graduate schools and business writing use APA as the preferred method of writing.
The following outline will assist you in formatting your paper.
Part 1: Introduction and Self-Assessment Analysis
In the introductory section of your paper, explain how you came to decide on 2-3 potential career paths for your
research. Did someone inspire you to follow this career path? Are specific personality types or skills required for this
career? Using the results of the CareerLeader and Values assessment, other exercises completed in class and course
readings, outline why you think these careers might match for your personality, interests, and values. If you have taken
any other assessments (e.g., TypeFocus, StrengthsFinder, etc.), you may also include these results in your discussion. If
you are not sure, try to think of what draws you to these careers. If you like, here is the place where you might describe
and explore your fantasy career. The career you choose to research may or may not live up to parts of your ideal.
Part 2: Requirements for Entry
In this section, detail the education, experience, licenses, and skills necessary for each career you chose to explore. Check
the Bureau of Labor Statistics (OOH or ONET) to make sure there is a need for you in the future! From your informational
interviews with people in the field, you should also get the unwritten rules of entry into this profession. What
majors/options are recommended? What are related occupations for this career? What is a typical entry-level position?
Part 3: Describe the Job
Describe a day in the life of someone in each of your career choices. Include physical environment, time schedule,
location, salary and benefits. Describe the job outlook. If possible, use up-to-date local information. Use the results from
your informational interviews to help provide content for this section. Can you locate a current job advertisement?
(Attach it to your paper in an appendix.) What are the growth opportunities? Are there different career paths possible?
Part 4: Description of the Profession Today
Include a brief history of your career choices here. What are some current issues or changes in the field(s)? What are the
concerns of people in this career(s) today? You will need to locate professional journals related to your profession or
interview someone. Discuss at least two relevant issues. How will employment trends impact your chosen field/path?
The local Chambers of Commerce may help you identify people and/or online resources that shed light into current issues,










BUS 300: Business Professional Development
changes, and/or concerns. The CSUSM Library also provides students access to the San Diego Business Journal for free;
this is a helpful resource for the topics mentioned and for those of you who plan to stay local.
Part 5: From Here to There
In this section, provide a gap analysis. What do you need to do to get from CSUSM to your chosen career? What
experience, education, skills, and/or licenses are needed for you to land where you want to be post-graduation?
Considering some of your discussions with your career coach/EIR as well as your individual development planning and
goal setting, discuss your future steps here. This is the section in which you can make a choice between your career
options if you have narrowed it down. If you have not yet narrowed it down, what more is needed to help you decide?
What resources will you utilize on campus to help you move forward on your journey?
Part 6: References
There are many excellent resources in the CSUSM Library Research Guide to help you identify and document your
research information sources. For every resource you use, provide a citation and reference in APA format. Each source
you reference should be cited in the body of your paper also. See sample APA paper in OWL Purdue Writing Lab.
You will need at least five quality resources (professional journal articles, news articles, business publications, career
search references, books pertaining to your fields of interest). Our librarians are excellent in assisting students find
scholarly resources. Plan ahead! Referencing something from Wikipedia or Google does not count. You will also include
any informational interviews as references in your paper (in-text and on the References page).
Referencing Tips for Success:
• Informational Interviews need to be referenced.
• Any information you gather that is not general knowledge/fact should be referenced.
• Any person or information from resources other than people you quote requires a reference.
• All assessments included/discussed should also be referenced.
Length Requirement & Grading
Your paper should be at least 8-10 pages (not including the title page, table of contents, and reference page. Visual aids
are not necessary for this paper. If you choose to use any, your length in writing should surpass 10 page; points will be
deducted for “filler” space. All visuals need citations as well. A rubric for grading this paper is located in Cougar Courses.