Campaign Brief – Marketing Assignment Solutions


In this assignment, you assume the role of Director of Marketing at a Fortune 500 company. The Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) has asked you to prepare a Campaign Brief to use at the executive team meeting. A brief is similar to a memo but, whereas a memo is mainly informative, a brief recommends a course of action and therefore it has a persuasive tone. Your brief in this case will focus on the product or service that you have chosen to promote in your Marketing Campaign in this course.

The purpose of the Campaign Brief is to summarize your market research thus far and to present your strategy for marketing your product or service. Since the CMO and executive team are busy, high-level stakeholders, a brief is an appropriate vehicle to keep them informed without taking up too much of their time. To meet this goal, your Campaign Brief will be short and concise – only two to three pages long.

Leverage what you have learned in the first three weeks of your marketing course, including the textbook readings, Week 2 Lecture Notes, articles, videos, and external resources. You will also need to conduct additional online research to be able to complete this assignment. This assignment provides you with a practical application of the ideas you have been studying and useful preparation for Assignment 2.

Note: you are encouraged to attend the tutorial for this assignment.  Instructions can be found in the assignment module in Blackboard.


Use the Assignment 1 Template provided in your course shell. The headings below mirror the sections in the template and provide you with some detailed prompts for each section. Respond to all the prompts and questions below to ensure that you include all required content in the assignment.


• Briefly describe the product or service you have selected for your marketing campaign. Explain its basic or core functionality in satisfying a customer need.

• What are key features of your product or service? Be brief, but provide context. For example, use the format “Feature: Brief description of the feature and its benefits.”


• What consumer “need” does your product or service address?

• What are the core results your buyers are seeking?


• What are the key demographics and characteristics of your target audience for this campaign?

• Is your target audience one segment, or should it be divided into two or more segments? If so, what are those two or more segments?


• What are the top two or three underlying values and beliefs that you will target for this campaign?

• For each value that you have listed, provide a short description

• How can your campaign connect the product or service to the values of its buyers?


• What are the top three differentiators (points of difference) that distinguish your product or service from similar offerings sold by your competitors?

• For each point of difference that you have listed, provide a short description

• Write a short value proposition for this campaign in a manner that is engaging but succinct.


• You should conduct research so that you will be knowledgeable on your target market, segmentation and other critical factors in developing a sound plan.

• You must cite the reference in the body of the brief, using the JWMI Writing Standards Guide, placing a (1), (2), (3) within the text that then aligns to the references.

• Citations are required for any references to market data or third-party sources.


Due Sunday, May 2nd