Challenges facing the Nursing Profession-Physicians-Health Care Service Administration Profession

Q.1. Class, are the challenges facing the nursing profession the same as physician and health care service administration profession? Please share your thoughts.

Q.2 Write a reply to this article.

Being someone who currently works in a hospital a current workforce challenge is getting the required staff to support current operations. Today’s world is different than it was in the past because of the pandemic which has increased the requirement of care and strain of work on the nursing staff. I constantly hear how the issues of expanding bed space not being infrastructure, machines, managers, and medication but solely staffing. I have seen this issue alone being the cause of hospitals going into the diversion. I believe this issue mostly affects hospitals where they are taking the vast majority of care for COVID patients while also attempting to continue their usual everyday operations. Strategies I have seen by the hospital is increased pay, free lunch, recognition, and management/nurse connection. For me personally, the free lunch is all that will need to be said but I have had arguments from others on why other factors are their driving force. These are hard times for everybody and not only growing staff but being able to retain them is a challenging task all hospitals are facing right now.


Q.3 what impact do the uninsured have on costs and quality related to healthcare provision?

Q.4 How do people not covered by these programs (an estimated 16 percent of the population younger than 65 years) get health services when they need them? Who are the uninsured? Please share your thoughts.