Cheating In Business And School

Read the short essay below and write one paragraph explaining why you either agree or disagree.

Cheating In Business and in School

The definition of Cheating is: “To act dishonestly or unfairly in order to gain an advantage, esp. in a game or examination”. The Definition of Dishonesty is: “Deceitfulness shown in someone’s character and behavior”.

Some people claim that cheating on exams is just a childish behavior. I believe that cheating is at the core of unethical business practices, immoral social interactions, unscrupulous government policies and the root cause of most legal problems that people encounter.

In business, cheating leads to everything from people losing their jobs to the fall of entire corporations. In government it leads to graft, revolt, revolution, war, poverty and death. In the social world, it leads to all sorts of violence, hatred, betrayal, domestic violence, divorce and murder.

Cheating on exams in my class upsets me personally for two main reasons: First, because it puts the hard working ethical students at a disadvantage. Second, because it tells me about the ethics and morals of the people who cheat.

My intention with this class is to prepare the students to be my peers and my colleagues. Learning that people  are dishonest will make it very difficult for me to deal professionally with them in the future. As they say, this is a “small world” and I do expect for us to encounter each other in years to come. You don’t want my main recollection of you to be as a student that I caught cheating!