Civil Liberties And Civil Rights – Article Analysis


First, read a news story from the newspaper or the Internet.  Answer the following questions regarding your news story: 1) What is the main issue, who are the main actors being discussed;

Second, choose one of the assigned articles you read for this week.  Answer the following questions regarding the assigned article: 1) What are the basics of this article (who, what, when, how, why, etc.);  2) What is the overall main point the author is trying to convince you of?  3) Do you agree with the author’s argument?  Why?  Why not?

Finally, tie together your news story with what you learned from the assigned article, textbook readings, podcasts, videos, etc. for this week.  Type your answers using your own words, no outline or bullets, complete sentences and paragraphs, single-spaced, full-page.


To complete this discussion

Include in your research: salary ranges, educational requirements and job growth opportunities

  • Write a 2-3 paragraph summary of what you found in your research about jobs that could be associated with Databases.
  • Include salary expectations and projections for job openings in the future.
  • What jobs sound interesting to you for this field?

Include a link to one resource you used to support your written summary.

Other requirements for this posting

  • Do not use the same resource, as previous student postings for this discussion.
  • Use descriptive links for any URL reference.