Clash Of Co Workers, Team Work-Business & finance

1. Watch the video “Clash of the Co-Workers” by clicking the link below.

a) At the end of the video, pay attention to the 10 survey items: personal talkers, office cliques, use of cologne, cell phone junkies, enemies, lunch thieves, loud talkers, personal hygiene, snoops, and gossipers. Which among these 10 items are the frequently occurred ones and the least occurred ones in your workplace?

b) Choose any two types of conflicts from the video that happened in your workplace. Discuss the impact those conflicts can have on an organization.

c) As a manager, describe the strategies that you will adopt to manage those conflicts.

2. Research and Write : Teamwork

a) Select one organization of your choice and explain the efforts they are taking to improve teamwork.

b) Explain how diversity can improve team performance and hurt team performance from your work experience.


1. Format (follow the APA style,7th edition guidelines)

2. Assignment

a. Title page

b. Give a short introduction and conclusion to question 1 and 2.

c. The body of each answer should have a detailed explanation

d. No need to write the question, write the answers with the corresponding question numbers (Writing the questions will increase the similarity score)

e. References from outside (minimum five ) + course textbook = Total 6

2. Word limit: 1600-1700 words

a. From title page to references

3. Submission

a. Submit in the Turnitin assignment area in the 8rd week of the Moodle page

b. The deadline for submission

4. Similarity score

a. For this assignment similarity above 20% will reduce marks

b. Please don’t copy as such from the references. Paraphrase and add citation to reduce similarity

c. The more you research the less would be your similarity score

d. Copying from old student’s assignment will increase your similarity score

e. Search for online journal articles from the library resources and other resources.