Communicating a central idea

Write one paragraph ONLY! Responding to this discussion.

Do this by: Communicating a central idea or point that builds on the post of a peer. Asking questions, offering thoughtful ideas, or Sharing personal connections that relates the posts.

Discussion Post:


Competitive advantage allows a business to outperform its competitors through achieving higher profit margins. Competitive advantage can be in different form such as highly skilled labour, unique geographical location or brand recognition. In this week’s discussion, I will discuss about companies that use their brand as a competitive advantage. I believe these three companies will remain a source of their competitive brand in the 21st century because they invest highly in their brand and makes changes to suit the needs of their customers.

Coca-cola- This is a leading global beverage company that sells products globally in more than 200 countries. This brand spends billions in marketing and promotion which has helped the company earn a competitive advantage by creating a strong image in the market. Additionally, the brand enjoys superior customer loyalty among its competitors.

T-Mobile– This is a cellular company that turned its weakness to a strength. The brand offers more value to the customers through what it calls “un carrier moves”. These moves entails things like unbundling smartphone devices from service plans, switching to single unlimited data plans and removing music and video streaming from data caps. These moves have greatly helped the brand to attract more customers.

Client HeartBeat– This company deals with customer service for other companies. It has helps other companies to get feedback quickly, easily and clean. Client HeartBeat’s product offers a do-it-yourself experience for survey creation which integrates with consumer behavior. Additionally, it allows the companies to compare with competitors in the industry.