Company’s Infrastructure And Information Systems Needs

For a total of 400 words. Keep the original content and provide a detail explanation by adding 100 words for each sub-heading using evidence base articles and the book “Management Information Systems Managing the Digital Firm”. Discuss your Company’s Infrastructure and Information Systems Needs by focusing on the following: Please provide 2 additional sources.

1. What is your plan for your company’s IT infrastructure (chapter 5)

2. What are the use of telecommunications, networking and wireless technologies in your company (chapter 7)

3. What functional information systems, such as production and operations, marketing and sales, accounting and finance, and human resource information systems will be use in your company (chapter 2)

4. What are some use of enterprise applications for supply chain management and customer relationship management (chapter 9)

5. Provide an analysis of your company’s internal operations against Porter’s value chain model, with a recommendation for how IT can be used in your organization’s value chain to increase your organization’s efficiency, effectiveness, and competitiveness (chapter 3)