Comparative Systems Of Justice

Ten page paper

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  • FINAL PAPER: A Comparative Study [100 points]
    • Complete a thorough comparative analysis of the United States’ criminal justice system and at least 2 of the model systems that we covered over the course of the semester.
    • Compare and contrast the systems.
    • Include the pros and the cons of each system.
    • Based on your research, determine the most ideal system of the 3 choices and explain why.


    • Length requirement: A minimum of 10 pages REQUIRED. This is excluding the cover page and the Bibliography page. There must be at least 10 pages of written work submitted.
      • Points will be deducted for a failure to meet the page requirement. 


    • Any source material can be used to construct this paper (i.e. textbook, newspaper articles, online articles, etc…). All materials MUST BE CITED.

Points will be deducted for a failure to use proper citations.


The book for the class is comparative systems of justice


The professor would like that we use at least one chapter out of that book to create the 10 pages when comparing the United States and the two model nations