Crime Scene Investigation

1. What is the first thing that an investigator must do when he or she decides to conduct a search?

2. What is the first step when processing a crime scene?

3. Which other steps are involved when processing a crime scene?

4. What are the five ways to document a crime scene?

5. Why is proper crime scene documentation critical in investigations?

6. Why is it important for an investigator to take photographs of the crime scene and the evidence in it?

7. How should an investigator shut down a computer at the crime scene? Is the procedure similar for all computers?

8. What items should an investigator’s toolkit contain?

9. Which evidence should not be overlooked when conducting a computer forensics investigation?

10. How should computers and electronic devices be packaged?

11. What must be done to preserve evidence in a forensic laboratory?

12. What is the chain of custody? Why is it important?

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