Cultural Anthropologist-Field Work Proposal-Sociology Assignments

For this assignment, you are a cultural anthropologist who will be preparing for fieldwork in another country. You will be writing a paper about preparing for fieldwork.  The country you will use will be the country you most wanted to visit from the assignment.  You will need to narrow your focus to a city/region/specific area of the country you chose.  Remember, you are a cultural anthropologist and will be doing participant observation.  Your departure date  for your fieldwork is May 28, 2021.  You will be gone for 30 days.  You must cite the websites at the end of the document.  You are limited to four internet sources. This is an informal paper.


What to include in your paper:

Use the following headings:  Introduction, Research, Fieldwork Proposal, Before You Go, Conclusion.  All headings should be centered and in bold, with an extra space before paragraphs begin.  Instructions for these headings are set forth below:

NTRODUCTION:  (Do not include these instructions in your paper, only the heading.)   Write two paragraphs about the country you chose.  Discuss the specific region/area/city where you will do your research.  You can include your own personal information that you may already know about the country.  In the second paragraph, include information that you learned from

RESEARCH:  (Do not include these instructions in your paper, only the heading.)  In this section you should provide information you discovered about the area while doing some internet research that supplements what you already knew and from  Consider what the focus of your research will be.  You can review the chapter titles in your textbook for ideas on how to narrow your focus.

FIELDWORK PROPOSAL:  (Do not include these instructions in your paper, only the heading.)  Design a research question or two on what you intend to study.  You can also include what results you think you might discover.   What type of ethnography style will you use to write up your findings?

BEFORE YOU GO:  (Do not include these instructions in your paper, only the heading.)  Write  two or three paragraphs on what you intend to bring with you, i.e., what will the weather be when you get there, what type of clothes do you need, etc.  What will you bring in your backpack that will help you conduct your fieldwork.  Again, please review Chapter 3.

In the next paragraph discuss whether or not you need to learn a new language.  If so, how will you go about doing this.

Next, in another paragraph, discuss your travel arrangements.  Your date of departure is December 18, 2020.  Visit a travel web site to get information about  flight times and costs.  Use a table to provide information on your departure dates and times of flight and the price of all transportation costs.  Do you need a passport?  Who will pick you up?  Where will you stay?

Lastly, what ethical concerns, if any, do you have?  How will you protect the people you are studying?

CONCLUSION:  Write a summary of where you will be going, who you will be studying, and what your research question is.