Differences between the white women’s movement” & the “black feminist movement,” [solved]



  • ❖  Answer EACH question in a mini ESSAY format. You will need about 2-3 paragraphs for each. If you write more, that is okay.
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  1. What are 3 differences between the “white women’s movement” and the “black feminist movement,” which we studied in previous modules? Discuss. Cite at least TWO sources from the course. (readings or media)
  2. Name and discuss at least FOUR objectives or goals of the black feminist movement. What role did Angela Davis play in this movement? What was the role of the women in the Black Panther Party? Cite at least TWO sources from the course. (media or readings)
  3. Discuss Ruth Bader Ginsberg’s challenges as a woman, attorney and Supreme Court Justice? How did her feminism shape her trajectory to the Supreme Court? What contributions did she make to women’s liberation? What similarities did you see between her story and what you have read in the course for other women of color? It’s important to note that Ginsberg as a Jewish woman was part of a subaltern ethnic group. Cite the RBG film to answer this question.
  4. How has the feminist movement changed over time? Think of module 2 and the “first wave” of feminism and the following modules that discuss the 50’, 60; and 70s. Do you think that the definition of feminism changed during these eras? Discuss. Cite at least TWO sources from the course. (media or readings)
  5. Of the activists covered in modules 1-4, which two stood out to you the most? Why? How did their story impact you personally? Discuss the feminist activists you have chosen in-depth.