Law Enforcement Agencies: This assignment is not rooted in the textbook. You will choose one law enforcement agency to research and discuss in depth. You may choose a law enforcement agency from any or all levels of government, federal, state, or local level. (The CIA, NSA or other intelligence agencies are not law enforcement agencies for the purpose of this assignment.) Information should include, but is not limited to, when the agency was founded, the purpose, duties, responsibilities, organizational information (chain of command and various divisions/departments in the agency), the number of persons employed and their positions in the agency, and other interesting data. This is an opportunity to learn about a law enforcement agency where you live or one that you would just like to know more about. If you cannot find all the required information, then select another law enforcement agency, so that you don’t lose points for failing to cover all the points for this assignment. Be careful not to use excessive cut & paste &/or copying; which would be Plagiarism. The department of homeland security is not, in and of itself, a law enforcement agency, but rather is a U.S. department under which several law enforcement agencies exist. So, do not pick the department of homeland security to discuss as a Law Enforcement Agency.

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