Dr. Equinox

Group Portion (1)

  • As a group, collaborate and come to a consensus on the following questions:
    • Is it a good idea to neglect juvenile programs because of financial concerns? Why or why not?
      • Should finding the funds to continue these types of programs for wayward juveniles be a priority? Why or why not?
      • How can this be accomplished? Explain.
      • Would it provide positive results? Why or why not?
  • Be sure to reference all sources using APA style.

Individual Portion

  • Address the following in 400–600 words:
    • Describe and explain the programs in a state of your choosing. Do they still exist? If so, what do they offer? Do these programs help children with drug problems? Do they help children with emotional issues? Do they help children who are in gangs? Are they gender specific?

Please add your file.

Group Portion (2)

  • Now that you have completed your individual research on your state’s juvenile programs, reevaluate your group’s responses to the questions from the Group Portion (1).
  • As a group, revise your answers, and submit a final group paper with the revised answers as well as the members’ information on state programs from the Individual Portion.
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