Dry Heat Cooking & Moist Heat Cooking

Part 1: Dry Heat Cooking

– 400 Words

Research your favorite type of cuisine and create a short menu using a combination of any of the ingredients.  Your menu should consist of 1 appetizer and 1 entrée. Utilize as many ingredients and dry cooking techniques as possible. Incorporate previously learned knowledge from the module on seasoning and flavoring to highlight your menu items and display them in the following order.

  • Appetizer
  • Entrée

Note: You must include your choice of 1 protein in each dish from the list below and add, 1 starch (any) and 1 vegetable (any) in both dishes. Your choice can be from any culture.

  1. Proteins: Chicken, pork, beef, lamb, fish, Shellfish (Choose: 1 for appetizer & 1 for entree)
  2. Starch: (any choice)
  3. Vegetable: (any choice)
  4. Sauce: (optional)
  5. Garnish: (optional)

Entrée Example:  Slow roasted lemon, thyme chicken | Sautéed mixed vegetables | Baked Baby Red Potatoes, garlic chive herb butter.

Part 2: Moist Heat Cooking

– 550 Words

Select a moist cooking technique to learn more about. Use the internet to find a short video that depicts the best representation of your understanding of these techniques. Please answer the following questions and upload the activity assignment in Canvas for instructor review. Please remember to post your web address with a brief explanation of the site for your peers to enjoy on the discussion board:

  • What techniques are you identifying?
  • What is the full web address?
  • Describe and name the tools used in the technique you have chosen?
  • Describe which types of heat transference is taking place in the video
  • Explain what excited you or caught your attention to this particular video demonstration and why?