E-Commerce Strategy MGMT648-Economics Homework

E-Commerce Strategy MGMT648
Individual Assignment
(15 Marks)
Assignment Requirements: Take screenshot of the below activities along with date/time. State
the process step by step. Also state any difficulty you face while performing these online
transactions. You may give suggestion for improvement or business tips to users as reference for
ZMOT. You may also comment about your experiences with respect to user’s profile information,
user’s behavior privacy etc.
1. Buy an affordable gift to your friend or family members online using digital platform like
Shein.com, Amazon, eBay, Noon.com or Namshi etc. (2 Marks)
2. Create a Youtube.com channel of your interest (may be related to educational, games, health,
technical, movies informative, and blogs or investment etc). Marketize it digitally on cross
platforms using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Tiktok etc. with an effective and efficient digital
marketing campaign. Choose best cross platform according to your chosen digital product or
service and user profile (age, gender, interests, region etc). (3 Marks)
3. Buy any affordable number stock share in low price using TADAWAL/New
York/London/TAIWAN stock exchange and sell with some profit margin. (5 Marks)
4. Buy/Sell a few affordable Crypto currency (e.g. BTC, ETH, Ripple, Litecoin, Doge, EOS
etc.) in local (rain.bh) or international market (www.binance.com (preferable),
www.localbitcoins.com (Finland’s portal, preferable for local SAR transactions C2C), Coinbase,
Kraken, bitcoins.com, ZenGo etc. to gain some profit margin. (5 Marks)
Note: Upload the complete assignment on blackboard in particular given section. You may use
previous transactions if you have done in past to save time and money.
By: Dr. Maqsood Mahmud Khan