Emergency Management Technolo 1

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For this project, you will assume a position of a law enforcement agency employee. You are required to research and present an examination of an actual detection, inspection, or surveillance tool that will increase the capability of an agency to identify or thwart threats that would cause considerable damage to a populace if successful. In addition to the technological capabilities and the expected result, consider the cost to an agency in monetary terms, goodwill to the public, and consequences if the tool is or is not purchased and deployed.

Also, research the way 2–3 detection, inspection, or surveillance technologies are moving to ensure security of the United States and ways to mitigate potential threats to security. You should pursue a corresponding humanistic (legal or ethical) approach to ensure that the technology being used for security does not, at the same time, take away or infringe upon the basic natural rights of people. You must address the technologies with regard to physical, legal, ethical, technological, and human use limitations.

Assignment Guidelines

  • Address the following in a research paper of 750 words:
    • Describe and summarize your selected detection, inspection, or surveillance technology that could be used to increase law enforcement agency capabilities.
      • How exactly will the technology be able to improve the ability of an agency to prevent or mitigate catastrophic events? Explain.
      • Consider the following when evaluating the technology:
        • Monetary costs
        • Benefits to civilian populations
        • Consequences of not implementing the technology
    • Next, select and briefly summarize 2–3 different detection, inspection, or surveillance technologies that are currently being used to ensure the security of the United States.
    • Address the following questions for each of the selected technologies:
      • How expensive and complex is the technology? Explain.
      • What are the implications of the technology with regard to citizens’ rights guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution? Explain.
      • What unethical activities could the use of this technology facilitate? Explain.
      • How can human error play a role in the use of this technology? Explain.
  • Compile your responses into the final research paper, and submit the file to your instructor.
  • Be sure to reference all sources using APA style.
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