Ethical dilemma

The purpose of the Video Blog (VLOG) assignment is to encourage you to think and argue critically about specific issues related to ethical dilemmas.

Each module week, you will have the option of identifying an ethics-related problem or issue and creating a short video that describes the ethical dilemma,  relates it to the module concepts and provides insights, recommendations, and/or solutions that address the issues. Your VLOG should state the facts of the ethical dilemma and relate your opinion, grounded in critical thinking and ethical theory. Discuss how your real-world issue relates to the concepts studied in this module and ethical theories.

This week’s VLOG should address ethical issues related to utilitarianism and/or the death penalty.

You may select the tool that you use to create your video. Review the Media Hub, a multimedia resource guide (ERAU), (Links to an external site.) for suggested software tools and resources.

Your video should be three to five minutes in duration. You may use supporting visual aids (pictures, graphs, etc.) to enhance your presentation.