ETST 001 Concepts Solved Test

this assignment asks you to write 2–3 double-spaced pages in which you explain ETST 001 concepts from lectures in a way that will equip the recipient of your letter to better respond to racialization (either when it happens to them, when it’s happening around them, or when they are perpetuating it). The guiding themes of the histories and contemporary experiences of Asians and Asian-Americans, along with those of people with “mixed” backgrounds; however, there were several more specific topics that you might draw upon such as power and privilege, identity politics, the model minority myth, cultural materialism, settler colonialism, anti-blackness, and immigration status, among others. You are welcome to select the topic(s) that you deem to be most relevant so long as your letter engages with concepts from lectures. Aside from the need to include citations when referencing readings (even if you normally wouldn’t do this in a letter), your letter can follow whatever style you think is appropriate for the intended recipient.

Here are some ideas for who you could write to: a friend, co-worker, teacher, politician, religious leader, family member (including future family members), or yourself at a younger age. (What do you know now about race and ethnicity that you wish you had known when you were a child? You could take a specific example from your childhood and build your letter around that.)

Assignment Rationale: “apply Ethnic Studies concepts to real situations”, then clarifies that course knowledge is meant to be applied. The purpose of this assignment is to create a formal opportunity, and to award you credit, for honing your skills in explaining concepts in a way that can help somebody else.

Specific Requirements: This 2–3 page double-spaced document.

  • a paragraph describing the letter’s recipient (think about what background you need to mention about this person for the letter’s intent to be clear)