Finance For Managers – Assessment 1-Subject Reflection

Materials to be provided (10 chapters)


2000 words


This assignment requires you to reflect on the subject you are studying, in this case, Finance for Managers.This unit introduces core concepts and practices relating to Finance, Managerial Accounting and Managerial Economics. Students will develop the ability to interpret and critically evaluate organizational financial information and extract data from financial statements and reports for reporting and decision-making purposes.The fundamental concepts in corporate finance and capital markets are explored and investigated and models and tools based on decision science are applied to achieve organizational objectives efficiently.

You may frame your reflection through the following two options.

1. A personal incident or experience relevant to the subject you are studying.

2. A recent incident or event reported on in the media relevant to the subject you are studying.

Use concepts and/or theories contained within the subject as lenses to frame your analysis and, based on your insights, draw conclusions and make recommendation for contemporary management practice and/or your own growth and development within a Data and Cyber Management context.


1.Define the problem: graduates will be able to understand the broad context and complexity of an industry and the resultant challenges faced by its constituents. Students will be ableto frame complex industry problems and effectively communicate them to others possessing both specialist and non-specialist expertise.

2.Gather and analyze evidence: graduates will develop and refine skills of efficiently collecting, analyzing and synthesizing data required to identify and illuminate the roots of complex industry challenges though both qualitative and quantitative approaches.

3.Demonstrate management: graduates will develop project management knowledge and skills and then administer projects by drawing on practical experience and theoretical approaches to management. They will be able to critically apply leading management theories to specific project contexts in order to effectively achieve project goals.

4. Develop strategic vision: graduates will develop frameworks for achieving organizational change drawing on innovative and entrepreneurial solutions. They will develop strategic visions that identify business opportunities and appropriately incorporate relevant risk reasoning into proposed business solutions.

5.Demonstrate leadership in cyber and data management: graduates will be able to communicate vision effectively and mitigate implementation risks to achieve effective change management in relation to cyber and data through both creative and pragmatic approaches. Graduates will be prepared for leading organizational change

6.Understand, communicate and apply advanced theoretical knowledge in their fields of Data security leadership and people management to real world contexts in order to justify propositions and related bodies of knowledge to critically evaluate the resolution of business problems and recommend actions relevant to contemporary business settings.

7.Critically apply cross-disciplinary knowledge in decision making to demonstrate an understanding of global business challenges and key management strategies to positively influence a Data mindset with creativity for innovation and Data security contexts.


You may want to use the following structure to format your Subject Reflection.

•  Introduction

• Discussion

• Conclusions and recommendations

• References

**excluded from word count