Future Leader’s Self-Reflection Presentation

MGMT 601: Presentation “Future Leader’s Self-Reflection”

I received lower quality of work here,I will provide all materials but I have 12 hours to finish this task.It is about self reflection Please read instruction I have limited budget . 

You have to create a presentation consisting of two parts: Part 1 SELF-REFLECTION and Part 2 PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT PLAN.

SELF-REFLECTION PART is designed to demonstrate what you have learned from the course and how you can use apply this knowledge to your life and career. In each class we discuss many different ideas, concepts and frameworks. You have to pick 3-4 of them (not all) which you find particularly relevant for you and apply them to reflect on your past experience. You do not need to re-write theoretical concepts themselves, but rather provide your audience with thorough and thoughtful analysis.
Recommended structure: a separate slide for each concept chosen, so that you have 3-4 slides for each of 10 live classes you attend during the course (about 35 slides altogether).

PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT PLAN PART should tell the audience about your future plans. You have to present short-term (1 year), medium-term (3-5 years) and long-term (10-20 years) plans separately. Recommended structure: one slide with list of goals for each plan and 1-2 more slides with some extra information: KPIs, enablers, obstacles, measures, time frames, etc. (6-8 slides altogether). Try to be as specific as possible making your plans tailor-made and relevant to you.

To get a good grade for this assignment, ensure that:

1. You demonstrate comprehensive knowledge of the course and ability to apply course concepts to your personal settings and future career.

2. You demonstrate a decent level of self-awareness and critical thinking.

3. You provide thorough in-depth analysis, supporting it with data and personal examples.

4. Frameworks, ideas, concept and terminology from each class are used in your presentation.

5. Your ideas are clear and logically structured, each part of your reflection ends with a solid conclusion.

6. Professional terminology is incorporated naturally and used appropriately.

7. Your slides employ grammar, punctuation and vocabulary appropriate for an MBA-level course.

8. Your slides are engaging for the audience: do not overwhelm them with text, use a variety of Powerpoint tools available.

9. Your future plans are connected with the results of your reflection.

10. (*) In order to get A-grades for the Final Project you must go beyond the content of the textbook and in-class explanations in your presentation, self-studying some concepts and using them in your slides.