Global Functions of a US-based International Company.

Today businesses are incentivized to expand to foreign markets in order to take advantage of the international trade and to explore opportunities for increasing their market share, reducing their costs and becoming more competitive. As firms grow internationally they engage with various global business functions to achieve their strategic goals. Learning how successful international firms achieve, maintain, and increase their global influence is the goal of this assignment; it will enrich your global business knowledge and prepare you for global business opportunities.


For this team project, you need to research the global functions of a US-based international company. Your research should be built on a minimum of 8 different references, which should be listed in a reference list at the end of the presentation. Your slides should follow APA rules for writing and citing. For your presentation the team will need to: (1) present your research findings on the firm and its global functions; (2) identify challenges the firm is currently facing; (3) analyze the strengths of the firm, (4) develop a recommendation for the firm, and (5) record your verbal presentation on Zoom. Please refer to the grading rubric for a full overview of all requirements. This is a team project and students are expected to set their team performance and collaboration rules early on in the semester. Team members will assess each others’ contributions on this project and peer evaluations will affect the individual grades.

· Ethics, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), and Sustainability: in 2-3 slides discuss two social issues in international business by completing the following tasks:

o Identify two ethical, CSR or sustainability challenges the firm is facing.

o Address each issue with a recommendation for action.

· Firm Analysis: in 3-4 slides conclude your presentation with the following tasks:

o Identify the strengths of the firm as a global player.

o Identify potential weaknesses, issues or challenges the firm might be facing.

o Discuss three ways in which the firm can use Geographic Information System (GIS) to enhance their global functions.

o Propose one recommendation to the firm that would further strengthen their global position.