Google’s Strategy, Structure, Systems, And Culture.



Prepare a presentation (in Power Point or PDF format) that covers a specific organization’s strategy, structure, systems, and culture. You may provide extra notes and/or voice over to your slides if you wish (Please note: notes or voice over are optional and not required). If providing a voice over, presentation length should be 10 to 15 minutes maximum.

For your final project, you will choose the outline, order, and flow of this presentation. However, answering the following questions will help you provide a complete picture of the organization you are reporting on:

  1. What is the firm’s mission and strategy? Give us a brief background/history as well.
  2. What is the organizational structure? Is it structured geographically, by division, by function, etc.? Note: Graphic/visual representation(s) of this structure will help us understand this aspect of your organization.
  3. How does this design serve the firm’s markets and customers? Can it be improved?
  4. What systems are critical to the functioning of this firm? (e.g., HR management software, enterprise systems, balanced score card, strategic reporting/reviews, etc.)
  5. How are teams used and evaluated?
  6. How are decisions made? For instance, with regards to new product projects, how are they approved, supported, and terminated? How are process improvements implemented?
  7. How are employees motivated, recognized, rewarded, promoted, encouraged or discouraged?
  8. Is this firm a meritocracy? How is this so?
  9. How is communication handled within the firm? Are there communication problems?
  10. Describe the firm’s internal culture. Is it people-centered? Geared towards risk-taking? Efficiency obsessed? Bonkers about budgets? How is failure treated? Is it outcomes or performance-oriented? Is it bureaucratic? Stuffy? Loose? Chaotic? Rigid? Reactive? Proactive? Other?
  11. Are there any particular symbols, rituals, traditions, stories, or onboarding that help communicate and sustain the culture?
  12. Does the firm’s physical spaces or sites help or hinder the firm’s performance?
  13. How is outsourcing utilized at the firm?
  14. Describe the firm’s ethical profile. How are ethical and moral values reinforced?
  15. What is the firm’s relationship with stakeholders (not just shareholders)?
  16. Any final takeaways, criticisms, praise, or recommendations concerning this organization?