We have to write a grant proposal and I have chose the topic REDUCING HOMELESSNESS IN THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. This us my final project of English 102.

The final project is the creation of a grant proposal that proposes a solution to a problem faced by a community or group to which you belong, and address your proposal to anyone who might help solve the problem.


The grant proposal must be 8-12 pages in length (plus your works cited page) and must be written in MLA or APA format. Include at least 8 academic journal sources cited in the proper format, along with the insertion and analysis of a visual source.

The grant proposal will contain the critical elements listed below.

I. Problem Identification: Research and identify resources for a specific issue that needs to be corrected (5-7 pages – at least two pages per subpoint). The issue/problem to be considered critically is stated clearly and described comprehensively, delivering all relevant information necessary for full understanding.

a. Prevalence:

i. What is the issue you have chosen to address? Define what makes your chosen issue a problem for the given community? What data do you have that points to the prevalence of this issue?

b. Assessment of Resources: Evaluate available and needed resources in your community.

i. Evaluate the resources available for providing a program or service to address the problem.

c. Impact of the problem: Describe the impact of the problem on individuals, families, and the community. Construct an impact statement on the prevalence of the identified issue and the lack of community resources.

i. Articulate how the prevalence of the problem has an impact on the community.

ii. How is the lack of available resources exacerbating the issue?

II. Intervention Strategy: This section examines why your proposal will address the problem discussed. It should use various rhetorical techniques to convince and persuade the audience that what you are proposing will address the issue (4-5 pages).

In your submission, be sure to include the critical elements listed below:

§ Research and justify the selection of a theoretically supported and effective intervention strategy for addressing the target issue.

· Efficacy: Analyze and critique at least two established intervention strategies for inconsistencies and effectiveness.

i. Critically examine intervention strategies for consistency.

ii. How effective were these strategies in addressing their respective issues? To what extent would these intervention strategies address the issue identified in your community?

· Selection: Select a strategy and justify your selection based on its effectiveness and the individual, familial, environmental, cultural, and political factors.

III.   Closing Statement: Conclude your grant proposal with careful attention to the audience you must convince.