GUI Term Project


The objective of this assignment is to  develop a software product/solution using the concepts and techniques  exposed in the class. Your task is to implement a software that  implements a solution to a problem (or a video game if you wish). The  software must be implemented in Visual Basic. Net and should make use of  GUI.

Constraints of the Project

  • System must make use of multiple screens (at least two).
  • System must make use of files/databases.


By the date specified in the Dropbox for the Project Proposal:

Project Proposal (1 to 2 pages) which must clearly show the following:

  • Members of Group
  • Problem Statement: Summarize the real-world problem/game and a software solution to the problem.
  • Users and Stakeholders: Explain who the potential users and stakeholders are and how they will interact with the solution.
  • Scope: Specify the scope of the  proposed software project. In other words, what aspects of the problem  will your software solve, and what will remain as tasks requiring human  judgment or work.
  • Prototypes of Screens (can be wireframes or paper and pencil) with storyboards (navigation in your system).
  • Conclusion: Conclude with a persuasive argument as to why the software project would be an appropriate choice for this class.

If you don’t submit by the deadline,  you still can develop your project but you will have 0 for 10% of the  grade of the project. You also risk to have a project not suitable for  the class.

By the date specified in the dropbox for Final Submission of Project  (towards the end of the semester):

  • Visual Basic project with the software implementation of the project.