Health & Fitness Sciences

Career Research Paper: Name of Chosen CareerStudent’s NameLindenwood UniversitySchool of Health SciencesHFS21500-Introduction to Health & Fitness Sciences

Career Description- Provide an overview of the career.  What does the job entail?  What are the job responsibilities?  What personality type is best for this career?

Career Qualifications-EducationWhat are the educational requirements of this career?  Is a bachelor’s, master’s, or doctorate required?  What course work is needed for this degree, e.g. biology, chemistry, A&P, physics, etc.?  Is the student required to apply to another school to continue their education?  If continuing education beyond Lindenwood, such as physical therapy, occupational therapy, chiropractic, which schools offer this type of program?  What are the requirements to get into that program, e.g. GPA, pre-requisite courses? Is practicum, clinical, or internship hours required to apply to the program?  If completing education beyond Lindenwood, what practicum, internship, or clinical hours are required for that degree?  How long will it take to complete the education?

Skills/Competencies for the Profession-What are the competencies associated with this profession? What hard skills and soft skills are needed for the profession?

Credentials-Does this career require certification, licensure, and/or registration?  Is a national board exam required to obtain these credentials?

Professional Organizations- What professional organizations are associated with this career?  What is their code of ethics? What opportunities are available for credentialing?  What continuing education is offered?

Professional Experience and Specializations-What experience does this career require?  What specializations are associated with it?  How much experience is needed to advance in this career?

Challenges/Salary/Job Outlook- What challenges are involved in pursuing this career?  What are the advantages and disadvantages to this career?  What is the salary and average weekly hours typically worked?  What is the job outlook?

Conclusion- Summarize the salient points of your research; what you found to be the most important components learned?


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