How Did Matt Damon’s “Wait For Water” Campaign Used The Elaboration LIkelihood Model To Get The Viewers Attention And Interest?

In the ad cited below, Matt Damon partnered with Stella Artois to participate on a campaign that works to bring attention to one of the biggest problem many people on Earth are facing right now and that is the need of water. In the essay, it is important to explain how the campaign used the Elaboration Likelihood Model to attract the viewer through Peripheral cues and actually get them to engage with the video.

The Elaboration Likelihood Model concepts: 


Central and peripheral routes

Peripheral cues (heuristics) – see powerpoints

Motivation to process

Personal relevance/involvement

Personal responsibility

Incongruent information

Need for Cognition (NFC)

Ability, Distraction, Prior Knowledge

Central vs. peripheral routes

Attitude change and central/peripheral routes

How to influence attitudes

Using ELM in messaging