How media influences public opinion.

American National Government

Name of the Book



Instructions 1

  1. List and explain 3 ways the media may socialize a person.
  2. List and explain 3 ways the media may influence public opinion.
  3. Give one recent example (within the last year) where a politician ignored public opinion and the outcome of that instance.









Instructions 2


1.Take a poll of 5 college students via email, social media, telephone or in person.

Ask these questions and keep track of the answers:

  1. a) If you could adopt a rescue animal today, what would it be?
  2. b) What is the best pizza topping?
  3. c) Would you rather sneeze for an hour or have hiccups for an hour?
  4. d) Would you rather get $1M right now or $10,000 per month?
  5. e) What is your least favorite food?
  6. Summarize and report your results.
  7. C and D are structurally different questions than A, B and D. What is different about these two questions and how will they result in different outcomes than A, B and D?
  8. Can your findings be applied to all college students? Why or why not?