How Theatre Varies-Theatre Unit 4 Project

Unit 4 Project

Rationale: Unit 4 is all about how theatre varies, different theatre voices (specifically marginalized voices) and theatre for social justice. We will be exploring how these pieces of theatre to come about through a personal lens.

Project: You will be selecting a news article (current) to be the source research and jumping off point to inspire a piece of social justice theatre. Please review and use the definition of social justice theatre to inform the type of news article you select for this project. I encourage you to select a news article that has a topic that has a strong impact on you, is something that is personal to you, or impacts a community that you are a part of. This piece of theatre can be any genre we have learned this semester from; solo performance, dance, expressionist play, musical, etc. This project will be broken into three parts as follows:

Part 1: Select and share the news article you have chosen. Accompanying this article should be: 300 words explaining your choice. This should include any context that you deem relevant to your choice of this article along with 300 words on background research that will supplement your knowledge of your chosen topic. The article along with any additional research resources should be cited in MLA format.

Part 2: Create a playwrights action plan for your piece of social justice theatre. Please refer to your notes on this action plan for guidance on the information that should be included in this. This action plan can be bulleted thoughts and does not need to be written in a formal format. Accompanying this action plan should be a 300 words explaining your choices laid out in the action plan. Specifically, you should be justifying/describing the format of the piece, genre of the piece, setting/design/etc. and any other performance specific information that you feel is important and relevant to share about your piece of social justice theatre.

Part 3: A creative representation of your new social justice piece of theatre. This can be whatever you feel best represents a taste of what an audience member could expect from your performance. Examples include: excerpts from a potential script or scene, a drawing/painting of the stage/performance, a playlist of songs that accompany the performance if dance, a written song that could be performed, etc. Please consult with your instructor about any questions you may have around this portion of the project.

Requirements: This project should be uploaded to CANVAS and submitted as a PDF file. The project must be uploaded onto CANVAS prior to the deadline to be graded without penalty.

Grading: This project will be graded as follows: (30 Points Total)