“I Has a Dream” ad answers

 “I Has a Dream” ad



  1. What is the ethos of the Speaker in the “I Has a Dream” advertisement? What makes you think so?




  1. Who is the target audience? What suggests this? (Use specific evidence).




  1. What is one example of the use of pathos in the ad? How and why is it meant to persuade the audience?




  1. What is meant by “voice” in this ad? Be specific as to what you believe it means and how it is meant to be used to persuade.



  1. How are the rhetorical questions used in the ad? Provide answers to the rhetorical questions and explain using specifics how and why they are meant to persuade the target audience.




  1. Explain one of the fallacies from the ad and how and why it is persuasive to the target audience.




  1. Explain an appeal in the advertisement (other than appeals to ethos, pathos, and logos—like appeal to history or guilt etc…).




  1. How is diction (specific word choice that generates an effect) used in the ad to persuade? Support your claim with specific evidence and reasoning from the ad.




  1. Noting the target audience, what is the goal of the ad? What is being “sold”?  Provide specific evidence for your conclusion.




  1. Find an appeal to logos in the ad and explain how it is meant to support the central argument and how it persuades the target audience.