Identify Professionals In Your Field

It is also important that you recognize the roles of professionals in your field and in the marketplace. Please research one of the following professionals or another significant professional in your field, historic or current, who is well recognized and inspires you, and prepare to discuss their role in your profession. Describe their keys to success. Important details to consider include: education, obstacles, traits that contributed to their success, and their overall contribution to your area. Note any parallels between the professional you selected and the life and profession of these individuals. For submission, write a 350 word descriptive essay on the professional of your choice.

Please title your post by the name of the person and field. Ex. Helen Richards, FCS

These are some suggestions for you based on your major:

(my major is interior design)

Interior Design: Nicole Hollis, The Wiseman Group, Stephen Miller, Kendall Wilkinson, Douglas Durkin Design, Tucker and Marks, Orlando Diaz Azcuy, Aidlin Darling Design