Intelligence & Motivation-Psychology Discussion

Within 275-300 words for each DQ please elaborate using reference(s).


DQ 1


Please take some time to have a conversation with the therapy bot Eliza ( ). What was your experience? Based on the readings from this week, does she qualify as intelligent? Justify your answer.


DQ 2

Intelligence is influenced by a number of factors including heredity, personality, environment, socialization, education, and culture. Identify which factor(s) you think have the most influence on intelligence. Justify your answer with support from some of the content you have learned in class. How do we use the particular factor(s) you identified to benefit the intellectual development of an individual?


DQ 3

Using the model from Ajzen’s theory of planned behavior, give examples of all the elements that may influence the likelihood of a student studying for an exam. Which elements do students have control over? What elements can an educator control?


DQ 4

Define a motivational syndrome and avolition. What are some potential long-term impacts of these disorders? How might they affect social interactions, occupational aspirations, and other important areas of functioning? What are some suggestions for treatment?