For this component of the assignment, students can choose one from the following options.

Option 1

Field report 1. Select an organisation for study. During the first week you will be asked to consider selecting an organization to study from the perspective of international human resource management issues. Your selection needs to be approved by the module lecturer. As this is a field report you need to have access to primary data.


You need to examine a real organization, of your choice. You need to either choose an area of focus or ask the person in the company of an area that they would like you to focus on. You are then requested to analyse the current situation using appropriate IHRM models, theories, frameworks or empirical studies with the view of critiquing the approach or approaches that the company has used, with a view of making recommendations.  The assignment should draw together a number of International human resource strands into a coherent report, evidencing the student’s knowledge of both theory and practice. The assignment should demonstrate independent research and thinking.


Other information:         Essay style – Word Limit of 3000 words maximum

Field report 2. Select an organisation which has an international presence. Speak to a member or members of senior staff of this organization and ask them to identify the main IHRM challenges and trends that their organization have or are experiencing. What are the organizations doing to address these challenges that they are confronting and if possible, evaluate the effectiveness of these practices / policies in meeting these challenges? As this is a field report you need to have access to primary data and you should include a transcript of the interview (s) held at the end of the assignment.


Other information:         Essay style – Word Limit of 3000 words maximum

Option 2

Students to choose one from the following choices and write an essay.


Choice 1


The global environment is quite volatile. It is possible that one or several global events or policies could have profound impact for both the global and local strategies of MNEs. An example is the case of Bombardier. Identify a recent world event (within the last six months) and identify and critically discuss the specific HR implications that may or has arisen from this (event), and devise policies as to these may be handled.


Choice 2


The high rate of expatriate failure has raised the question as to whether expatriate policy as “out-of-date”, expensive, time consuming and insignificant in a more international and global world. Discuss this statement, using empirical studies to support your answer.




Choice 3


Using various real-life examples or empirical studies, what evidence is there that cultural and institutional differences impact the HR integration in M&As and in IJVs?


Choice 4


The country of origin can strongly influence a firm’s approach to organization structure.  Discuss this statement using real-life examples to support your answer. In your answer, be very clear of the advantages and benefits of such approach and examples where companies were unable to duplicate their home practices in a foreign country.


Choice 5


Assume that you are the HR intern for a SME that has begun to consider international assignments. With your knowledge of IHRM, the HR Director has asked you to write an essay on the pre-departure training for the organisation. In your answer, you must outline the various strategies available to the company, the components that will be required, possible range costs, duration, as well as measuring the effectiveness of the pre-departure training, etc.


Choice 6


What are the issues does the PCN company have to consider in appraising an expatriate that they have sent to one of their subsidiaries? As an HR Executive Advisor working for the PCN, how would you solve some of the issues raised in your essay? In your answer include examples to illustrate the points you are making.


Choice 7


As of the 1st of January 2021, United Kingdom left the European Union. Using various real-life examples or empirical studies, what are the implications facing companies within and/or outside the UK from an IHRM point of view. In your answer, please provide real-life examples.  What adjustments, if any have they made as regards their IHRM policy and strategy?


Choice 8


Critically review the impact (if any) COVID-19 has had on companies IHRM policies and practices using real-life examples and empirical studies to support your answer.

Choice 9


It has been argued that the major future challenge for international companies, will be to bring synergy between the organization structure of an overseas subsidiary that supports the local customs and cultures. Discuss using empirical studies and/or real-life examples to illustrate your answer, how companies are attempting to do this.


Choice 10


Recognizing and harnessing global talent within the workforce can be a form of competitive advantage. Discuss using empirical studies and/or real-life examples to illustrate your answer, how companies are attempting to do this.


Choice 11


Critically compare and contrast two real cases of a merger or an acquisition that has occurred within the last five years. Identify in particular the similarities and / or differences between the two from an IHRM point of view and highlight the lessons that these cases bring from an IHRM perspective.


Submission Date:             Week 11 – via turnitin on Friday 23rd April 2021, by 23.59pm


Learning Outcomes:       KU1 and KU2


Additional information for all the choices.


Other information:         Essay style – Word Limit of 3000 words maximum

When submitting. please state clearly the assignment that you answering & the number of words used.


For all options, you will be marked down if you go over the word count. You will be expected to reference you work and support your answers wherever possible with wider reading or experience. If you are interviewing respondents a transcript should be included in the appendix. Please note that answers supplemented with Appendices do not count towards the word count.


Individual Essay – Additional Guidelines including criteria


The assignment will be marked accordingly against the Common Assessment Scale that can be found at the end of this module guide.


For this assignment, the following areas provides an outline as to how the marks are to be distributed.


Introduction [out of 5 marks]


You provide a clear introduction to the topic being discussed, articulating the approach that you used (research – primary and secondary), the organisation context (the industry that the company is operating in, purpose of the business, etc.), and identification of areas of reading that you will be focusing in the essay.


Main body of the literature [out of 70 marks]


Here you need to demonstrate reading around the subject area, both from an academic point of view, including any relevant empirical studies in the area that guide your thinking in the chosen area. To get higher marks there must be evidence of critical reading in the subject area and the ability to synthesize your thinking. The arguments being presented must be written in a coherent manner. The answer must be clear and written using relevant theories, frameworks or models in the area of International Human Resource Management.


Students should also apply the models to examples. The examples must be connected and relevant to the topic being chosen, and if necessary, appropriately referenced using primary or secondary data.


Throughout the answer, material presented is informed by international human resource management theory and the command of the appropriate conceptual and theoretical language is excellent.




Conclusion [0ut of 5 marks]


The conclusion naturally draws from the main material of the essay. No new information is provided. It is succinct and clearly written, supported with evidence.  Contrary findings are used to illuminate or extend the argument. Alternatives are dealt fully.


References [out of 5 marks]


Proper academic (Harvard Style) standards of citation. References backed up in the bibliography.


Overall presentation [out of 15 marks]


The essay is expressed clearly and fluently using a style of writing appropriate to the chosen topic area. The sentence and paragraphs are relevant, are well structured using appropriate technical (academic) terminology. There may be few, if any errors of spelling, punctuation and grammar. There are clear headings and sub headings and there is flow and logic to the essay.