Introduction to Business – Business Essay And Power Point

Essay and Oral Presentation (Part Two) Development Worksheet
Prince George’s Community College – BMT 1010 OER – Introduction to Business
Professor: Dr. Charles L. Perry
Name of Student_________________________________________________
Name of Selected Business_________________________________________
Objective 1: Develop an essay that can be used as a discussion paper and turned in as a document for a grade. The
written essay should ideally be typed 5 – 7 pages, 1.5 line-spaced, 12-font (Arial, Times Roman, Calibri).
Use the format below to develop your essay and organization of your oral presentations (power points slides are
encouraged as the visual supports for your oral presentation.
Please spell-check your document. The use of Grammarly or some other editing software is recommended (I will run all
documents through a similar software to support your claims.
Please provide at least 7 references (1 per module) from the in-class reading materials and a commensurate
number from your researched corporation. Please use the American Psychological Association Writing Style
Manual, 7
th edition or later for in-text citations and development of your Reference page. Total possible points: 50.
Objective 2: Using your essay as a working source document, prepare an oral presentation that will range in time from 8
minutes to 10 minutes. Your oral presentation should be presented in the same order as your essay. The power point
should be less words and use only key words, key phrases, graphics (pie chart, tables, trend lines, etc.), and images.
Use power point or some other visual aide to support your oral presentation. Please provide in-text citations where
pertinent. Please provide a Reference section are the end of your oral presentation. Total possible points: 50.
Avoid Plagiarism.
Use the format below to develop the organization of your oral presentations (power points slides are encouraged as the
visual supports for your oral presentation).
Remember: In-text citations and a Reference page are required for oral presentations.
Essay Components
Component Example Remarks/Tips
Introduction (5
– Attention Step
– Motivation
– Overview
-Make a startling statement relative
to your presentation. Thesis
-What is the major business related
question are you trying to answer
pertaining to the business you have
-Provide an overview of the main
points you are sharing with the class.
Note: Use only phrases for the
overview, and do not discuss your
points at this time. List the topics
– Develop this thesis statement after you have
completed your essay
– Hypothesis – educated guess about what you hope
to find in the research based on what your currently
know or think about the corporation.
– Provide a list or indicate the main points by stating the
learning objective you are referring to from each
module. You only need to select at least one learning
objective per module.
Body (40 Points) Use a least one piece of support
material (definitions, examples,
statistics (graphics), quotations,
paraphrases, or testimony) to
support how the corporation or
business you selected reminded
you of the key highlights of the
module or chapter discussed. Re:
Libretext, Lumen materials)
Look for ways that the business you have selected
aligns with learning points you found interesting (or
attention getting) in the text, discussion, homework
or videos. Here’s the rhythm of each paragraph for
your consideration:
– Thesis – What Does the Text Say About the
learning (objective) point you have selected?2
sentences per idea
– Anti-thesis – What does the research
commensurately say about the corporation you
are researching?2 sentences
– Synthesis – What’s your point of view? Does the
corporation align or does not align with the in-class
reading materials? 2 sentences
Component Example Remarks/Tips

Main Point 1:
Module 10
Functions of Marketing • Explore the roles that customers play in today’s
marketing efforts
• Learn how companies segment the market to better
target prospective customers.
Main Point 2:
Module 11
Marketing Mix • Learn how companies develop marketing strategies to
increase their “Return on Investment” (ROI)
• Explore how companies use “marketing mix” to
increase their sale goals
Main Point 3:
Module 12
Importance of Technology in
• Identifying the changing use of technology in
businesses today.
• Determine what data should be collected and how the
information will help a business.
Main Point 4:
Module 13
Business Accounting
Financial Management
• Identify the primary financial functional areas within a
• Identify key people and explain the activities within
each financial functional area
Main Point 5:
Module 14
Stocks, Securities, Bonds and the
• Identify the key components of the stock market.
• Research businesses to determine if their stock prices
are fair.
Main Point 6: Bonus
Chapter Module 15
Corporate Social Responsibility
and Ethics
• Explain the concept of business ethics, and outline
the steps companies take to encourage ethical
• Differentiate between ethical and legal behavior
• Identify common ethical challenges faced by
• Explain the concept of corporate social responsibility
Component Example Remarks/Tips
Main Point 7: Bonus
Module 16
Monetary Policy + Fiscal Policy • Explain what money is and what makes it useful
• Explain the role of banks in the U.S. monetary system
• Define and give examples of fiscal policy
• Describe common ways in which businesses obtain
financial capital (money) to fund operations using
monetary or fiscal policy.
Conclusion (5
Key highlights of at
least 3 modules
(critical things to
-Summarize the highlights of your
essay using scholarly in-text citations
of both the reading materials and the
research materials.
– Think about those principled things from the text that
affirms your selection of this corporation in the first place.
-Does your research answer your research question?
-Provide in-text citations.
-What main points re-enforce your belief in the goods or
services the researched corporation provides to you?
-Conclude your presentation by saying…”this concludes
my presentation.”
Note: Please provide at least 7 references (1 per module) + a commensurate number of references from the
research using formats outlined in the American Psychological Association (APA) Writing Style Manual, 7
edition or later.