Chapter 13 addresses Regulation of  Long-Term Care and explores the entry of the survey team into the Nursing Home setting.

For those of you who have worked or currently work in a LTC setting, you know all about the annual survey. For those of you who do not,  Nursing Homes that participate in Medicare or Medicaid are require to under go an annual survey by the state’s specified entity (DHHS, Health Department, etc)   In reality, any SNF facility should be survey ready 24/7 , but that does not occur across the board.

Nursing Homes are to be in substantial compliance with the Medicare/Medicaid requirements on a myriad of issues from hot foods hot to issues of dignity to timely administration of Rx to patients.

How can Nursing Home Administrators and managers promote survey readiness year round versus simply planning for the annual survey? Feel free to share any best practices or experiences you have had for survey readiness in the workplace.

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