Managing Global Value Chains International Marketing



Component 2: Due by 4pm on 5th May 2021 Wordcount – Max 2500 words

Your task is to draft an international marketing plan for a UK start-up. You can choose a company from the list of start-ups:
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  1. Choose a company that you would like to research about or that operates
    in an industry you are interested in
  2. Choose a product-based company than a service-based one

Having chosen the firm, you are expected to draft a report that analyses the current marketing mix strategies of the firm and suggest an international market that the chosen firm could potentially enter. In so doing, your report should provide the following details:

  • – The historical background, origin and introduction to the firm
  • – A brief insight into the firm’s current local/global marketing
  • – Deciding which market to enter and how (Market selection and market entry


  • – Segmentation, targeting and positioning strategies in the new market
  • – International marketing mix strategies focusing on the levels of standardisation
    and adaptation in the new market Updated August 2018 10
    – Key recommendations
    It is expected that in writing your report, you will draw on the international marketing theories and the relevant literature. Your arguments and analysis must be based on strong secondary research gathered from credible sources (both academic and industry based). Primary research is not required for this project.
    Suggested structure
    You have been asked to produce an individual report. Your report may follow the following suggested structure:
  • Title Page, including the given title in full and student number (no names, MUST include wordcount)
    Word count (excluding executive summary, contents page, appendices and reference list)
  • Executive Summary (No more than 200 words)
  • Contents Page
  • Introduction to the report (purpose of the report, methodology and structure)

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  • A brief introduction to the firm, its background, origin, strategic objectives
  • A brief introduction to the extent of the firm’s local/global operations and its
    international competitiveness
  • Deciding which international market/s to enter
  • An evaluation of the firm’s market entry modes into the new market
  • An evaluation of the firm’s international marketing strategies in the new market
    (standardisation vs adaptation of the 4Ps or 7Ps)
  • Recommendations
  • Conclusion
  • Reference list (in ‘Cite them Rite’ format)
  • Appendices, which should be numbered.
    *A front sheet is not required.
    Assessment criteria:
    Criteria Weight Introduction to the report and the firm 15% Analysis of the firm’s current strategies 15% Market selection process 20% Justification of market entry method 10% Marketing strategies in the new market 20% Ability to conduct secondary research 10% Overall presentation, organisation and referencing 10%