Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs theory

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Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs is a theory of prioritization where we arrange the needs based on the importance. The needs are arranged using a pyramid where the ones that are lower down the pyramid are fulfilled first before you can attend to the ones higher up the this assignment I will prioritize a list 10 things that I will accomplish during my shift.

first, I will listen to the night shift  report which will help check what the each patient need for the day.  second thing I will prioritize is reading the charts of patients who are new to me so that the team will familiarize on the type of medication that they need and the tests that need to be taken from them. Thirdly, I will be  taking a brief walking rounds to asses the night shift report and then introduce myself to patients. This will help me know the progress of the patients and assist my team plan for the shift.

the fourth priority in the list will be checking MAR against orders. This will give the team guidelines in administering medication and treatment for different patients in the unit. The Fifth on the list of  priority will be to, Set up the schedule for breaks and lunch among your team members. Considering that we need to cope with the shortage of nurses. , I will plan the schedule for the team members to make sure that the work is done efficiently across the shift. This will include lunch and breaks for the team members. Due to the short number of nurses my schedule will be flexible such that when one nurse is on break the other will be on shift. This will make sure that every patient will be attended to at any particular time.

Sixth on the list of priority for the day will be consulting with the interdisciplinary healthcare team to develop and/revise patients plan care. This will ensure that the patient plan care coincides with the lunch and breaks schedule for the team members. Again, it will ensure that all the patients are attended to at any given time without delays. Next on list of priority will tend to follow the trap of what comes first according to time set for completing the task at hand.

Here, the seventh priority will be to check 0600 blood sugar lab results that will be required for the 0730 insulin administration. Which will need to be accomplished because of the time demanded in accomplishing it. number 8 on the list of our priority will be to pass the 0830 breakfast trays for the patients. This will be given priority over the rest because of the time that it needs to be accomplished and as stated above it the priority falls under “what come first?” trap and has been given priority by considering the urgency of the task.

Number nine on our priority list will be to give 0845 pre-op on the patients that will be goinf for surgery at 0900. Again this priority follows the trap “ what comes first?” and will be urgent compared to the next priority in our list. Number 10 and the last in our list of priority will be to hang four 0900 IV medications. This will occupy the last slot and will be accomplished last based on the urgency put on accomplishing it during the shift. The priority can be categorized in “ what comes first?” trap given that it has been allocated time that will be needed for it to be accomplished. In general all the priorities will follow the Marlow’s hierarchy of needs theory in prioritization.


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